Ethics in Engineering

We list, here, the "codes of ethics", which many engineers follow.

Council of the American Chemical Society
September 14, 1965

The Chemist's Creed

As a Chemist, I Have a Responsibility: 
  • to the public
  • to propagate a true understanding of chemical science, avoiding premature, false, or exaggerated statements, to discourage enterprises or practices inimical to the public interest or welfare, and to share with other citizens a responsibility for the right and beneficent use of scientific discoveries.
  • to my science
  • to search for its truths by use of the scientific method, and to enrich it by my own contributions for the good of humanity.
  • to my profession
  • to uphold its dignity as a foremost branch of learning and practice, to exchange ideas and information through its societies and publications, to give generous recognition to the work of others, and to refrain from undue advertising.
  • to my employer
  • to serve him undividedly and zealously in mutual interest, guarding his concerns and dealing with them as I would my own.
  • to myself
  • to maintain my professional integrity as an individual, to strive to keep abreast of my profession, to hold the highest ideals of personal honor, and
  • to live an active, well-rounded and useful life.
  • to my employees
  • to treat them as associates, being ever mindful of their physical and mental well-being, giving them encouragement in their work, as much freedom for personal development as is consistent with the proper conduct of work, and compensating them fairly, both financially and by acknowledgement of their scientific contributions.
  • to my students and associates
  • to be a fellow learner with them, to strive for clarity and directness of approach, to exhibit patience and encouragement, and to lose no opportunity for stimulating them to carry on the great tradition.
  • to my clients
  • to be a faithful and incorruptible agent, respecting confidence, advising honesty, and charging fairly.

  • If you know of any other codes, then please drop us a line.

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